Modern telecommunication networks have a complicated architecture. Their peculiarities may sometimes hamper or disable the work of our service.

Some Internet providers use the NAT technology which allows all users to share the same IP address. But, this technology hampers or disables the work of many additional services, such as SafeDNS. To overcome this problem you can install SafeDNS Agent on your computer.

Also some Internet providers (or internet gateways of organizations) use a transparent proxy to speed up users' work and reduce traffic. The problem is that this technology can interfere with the general work of SafeDNS and prevents us from blocking forbidden sites. We have a special feature which lets SafeDNS work in such cases too.

We are working towards overcoming other limitations of the DNS technology and expect SafeDNS to perform its functions in any environment. At present, we recommend to contact our technical support whenever you face a problem with incorrect work of our service.