All you need to start using SafeDNS on a computer with a Linux clone with a static IP address, is to add our DNS servers' addresses in your system configuration and register your static IP in SafeDNS Control Panel.

Unfortunately, the methods of DNS configuration differ, with various Linux distributions, so we’ll give general recommendations instead of step-by-step instructions.

If you configure the network through NetworkManager, it will be sufficient to insert our DNS server IP address in the window of the Internet connection settings. Otherwise, the solution is to find out which application is used for adjusting the network in your distribution and configure it so that it either populates the /etc/resolv.conf file correctly (see below) or does not touch that file at all. In the latter case, the file should be edited manually.

In any case, in the file /etc/resolv.conf there should appear the lines reading as follows:


There should not be any other lines beginning with the key word ‘nameserver’, in order for site filtering to be done correctly.