In this guide we’ll see how to setup SafeDNS on DD-WRT routers with dynamic IP address.

If you have static IP or use some DynDNS service you can setup SafeDNS on your DD-WRT router as on any other router as described in this guide.
  1. Go to network configuration tab and setup and as DNS servers.
  2. Go to DDNS tab
  3. Select Custom for DDNS Service type
  4. In field DYNDNS Server insert
  5. In field User Name insert your login (email) on SafeDNS site
  6. Insert your password in field Password
  7. In Host field insert name of your host
  8. In URL field insert /nic/update?hostname=
  9. After that save and apply settings
  10. In case of correct configuration and account info you’ll see the successful update of your address in the DDNS Status block
  11. Then you can go to SafeDNS Dashboard to configure your filtering options