Named Lists is the new convenient feature for Education, Hotspot, Office and Enterprise billing plans. It is designed to be installed on different filtering policies (profiles) at the same time. Now you can edit one named list and then apply it to any of your filtering policies. Named lists will also increase the limit for the black and white lists in accordance with your billing plan. Now you can manage lists of allowed or blocked hosts and domains for all of your profiles or group of profiles via this convenient feature.

Click the 'Settings' tab and choose 'Named Lists' in the menu:

Then enter the most convenient name of the list and choose an appropriate action: 'Always allow' (for the White list) or 'Always block' (for the Black list).

Use 'Named lists settings' button to select profiles to which named lists will be applied:

Save the settings and go to the 'Domains' tab. Choose a filtering profile for which the Named list is active and put hosts and domains to the appropriate field. Alternatively, you can press 'Edit as list' button to edit list of records for selected Named list.