A message such as 'The website is still blocked' is shown in cases when our system points you to the original website, but your browser on the basis of cached information points you to the address of the block page. Also, this can happen in the case of proxy server use.

To fix this issue, you should restart the browser or clear its cache. In the majority of cases, this will be enough.

If after restarting the browser, there are no changes, you should clear the DNS cache of your operating system. You can do this on Windows OS with the command ipconfig /flushdns.
In uncommon cases, you may need to clear the DNS cache of your router or proxy, if you have any.

If you are a corporate user, then the message 'The website is still blocked' may be shown in the case of DNS requests originating from one IP address and HTTP requests have other origin IP address, that is not attached to your settings in our service. In such cases, our service can't correctly identify you. To fix it, you should attach all your IP addresses to the same filtering profile in our dashboard.