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Forced YouTube Tweaks

I love the forced safe search and youtube restricted modes on SafeDNS but I am finding as my kids are getting older the youtube restrictions are getting a bit too tight. I previously had another set of parental controls which a 4 layers of youtube restrictions.

1. Fully Restricted

2. Aggressive Filter

3. Moderate Filter

4. No Filter

Any idea if something similar is in the works for safeDNS?

I would be happy if I could just loosen the restrictions a bit.

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Hi Frank,

There are only two levels for Youtube restricted mode you can use by network level. Strict Restricted Youtube Access you can activate in the dashboard. To use Moderate Restricted Youtube Access you should untick the option and add the following domains with their IP addresses to Aliases list on the Domain tab of the dashboard.

I did get an email from support specifying this and it does work, thank you so much.

I was also told this fix was coming standard soon with a checkbox similar to what is there now. That would make it easier for anyone else experiencing the same issue.

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